England Golf Community Amateur Sports Club (CASC) Workshops

From the 23rd July England Golf will look to run a series of workshops which will provide clubs with an opportunity to understand the new CASC regulations in more detail and assess the potential implications for your club. It will also give clubs the chance to ask questions and find out the latest information.

With the revised CASC scheme coming into effect from the 1st April 2015 clubs have been busy digesting the new regulations and considering how these may impact your club. The workshop will help you understand the changes to the CASC regulations, allow you to raise any issues you may have and start to answer some of the questions that are likely to have the biggest implications for golf clubs. These changes to the CASC schemes include;

  • An increase in the corporation tax exemption thresholds on trading and property income to £50,000 and £30,000 per annum respectively
  • The extension of corporate Gift Aid
  • An upper limit on annual membership fees of £1,612
  • A £520 threshold for membership and the costs of participation in club sporting activities, above which clubs must make provision for those on low incomes
  • A cap on total trading (non-member) and property income of £100,000 per annum
  • A requirement for at least 50% of members to participate in club sporting activities

Designed to be an evening event (2-3 hours), free for affiliated golf clubs to attend, it is aimed at current CASC clubs, those clubs that have an application pending with HMRC or clubs that are considering joining the scheme. The workshops will be delivered by Richard Baldwin (Tax Consultant) and Chris Hicks (Club Support Manager, England Golf).

The new regulations have been published by HMRC alongside the detailed guidance explaining how the new rules work. This is available from the HMRC website. Further guidance can be found on the Sport England Club Matters website.

You can register your interest in attending a workshop by ticking to select the event and then clicking on the ‘Add Selection’ box near the England Golf logo and following the instructions on the left of the screen.You will receive an email acknowledging your interest and when sufficient demand has been reached England Golf will contact you detailing the venue and date of the workshop (workshops will be run between 23rd – 31s tJuly).

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By Mike Hyde

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