GCMA Accreditation: ‘We’re really hoping managers will engage with this’

GCMA Accreditation

GCMA board member Ed Richardson, part of the team that has developed GCMA Accreditation, says the association is hugely excited about the upcoming launch of the new programme…

Board member Ed Richardson is hoping members will “really engage” with GCMA Accreditation.

Announced last week, the ground-breaking programme will offer a flexible and inclusive pathway for golf club managers which focuses on their skills, achievements, and development.

GCMA Accreditation will open for applications on August 17 and Richardson, general manager at Hankley Common, in Surrey, said the association was “very excited” about its upcoming launch.

Stressing its arrival as “long overdue”, he said: “The GCMA have been great at running education and networking events, SkillGate, Diploma, and most recently, the National Education Days and we want to make sure we recognise that through this programme and then try and correctly map out a career path, education path, betterment path, for all our members.”

Outlining the GCMA Accreditation Levels, Richardson added: “There were four key areas we looked to start with. There are lots of aspiring managers out there maybe not in post – people who are keen on developing their own career in golf club management, but maybe haven’t reached that actual General Manager or club manager role as yet. 

“This is a great way of getting people [involved] who have been on a GCMA Principles course, or in a role that involves management of the golf club but just not that top role and taking full responsibility.

“From there, you got three levels. GCMA Accredited Manager (Level 1) is for somebody who’s probably done about three years in post and can demonstrate effective management of golf club and have shown they can do that job and have picked up all the skills that go with that. 

“GCMA Accredited Manager (Level 2) is for somebody who has done that for a little bit longer. While it can be at any club, it’s maybe somebody who has taken on a few more areas of responsibility or worked at a medium or larger club.

“Beyond that, you’ve got GCMA Accredited Manager (Level 3), which is for those who have been around 10 years in post. 

“While that will mostly be in medium and larger clubs, we want to make sure it’s not overly proscriptive on timescales. There are some great managers out there at smaller venues who are doing great work and educating and developing themselves properly.

“They are demonstrating great skills, just maybe not at a big, high profile, club. It will be great to see people apply for those levels and work their career through as they develop their skills and experience.

“Hopefully, that will have a trickle-down effect into golf clubs who are looking to appoint managers. 

“You can start to recognise these levels and we’re really hoping managers engage with this, and want to develop themselves, and those who are already doing so will get rewarded for it. We’re really excited about it.”

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