GCMA Accreditation launches next week!

The ground-breaking new association programme opens on August 17. Will you be signing up?

The countdown to the launch of GCMA Accreditation is now well and truly on.

On August 17, the association’s landmark scheme, recognising skills, achievements, and professional development will officially launch – and anyone who is a GCMA member and in an active golf club management role can get involved.

GCMA Accreditation provides a clear route to be recognised for continued learning and development and is aimed at further modernising and professionalising the role of golf club management.

Filling in a straightforward, but detailed, online form will capture experience, skills, knowledge, and achievements, along with an ongoing commitment to personal and professional development.

Applicants will provide a complete career history, a summary of roles carried out in the golf industry, as well as an up-to-date record of qualifications, professional development, and learning.

They will be able to apply for one of four GCMA Accreditation Levels – ranging from Aspiring Manager to GCMA Accredited Manager.

It will not matter where qualifications and professional development were obtained. Any relatable industry qualification or certificate, along with degrees and higher education courses, will all be recognised in a points matrix – as well as more informal learning.

Tom Brooke, GCMA chief executive, said: “GCMA Accreditation provides a clear framework for capturing skills, knowledge, experience and learning as well as encouraging ongoing development and representing this in a way that we hope will become sought after, aspirational and respected by your peers and colleagues. 

“I genuinely believe that a programme of this kind has been missing from the role of golf club management and that we’re now able to offer our members the opportunity of being rewarded and recognised for the value that you bring to your employers, to potential employers and to the industry as a whole.”


GCMA Accreditation is a flexible, inclusive, and rewarding Accreditation pathway designed to represent YOU and YOUR VALUE to the industry – focusing on your skills, your achievements and your development.

  • It is accessible – open to any full member of the GCMA who is in an active role within golf club management.
  • It is inclusive – designed to value and recognise the wide range of backgrounds, skills, knowledge, experience, learning and qualifications that contribute towards being a successful golf club manager
  • It is flexible – not limited to any one set pathway or series of qualifications. Recognition is given to a balance of experience, skills and knowledge, qualifications and CPD
  • It is aspirational – providing a clear and achievable pathway for developing your skills, knowledge and career opportunities.

And it is based on existing best practice and comparable industry standards in CPD, career pathway and accreditation frameworks.

Why should I become GCMA Accredited?

  • When applying for a job, it will differentiate you from other candidates
  • It demonstrates that you keep your knowledge and skills up to date through continuous learning and development
  • It demonstrates eagerness to learn which indicates future potential
  • It will help to boost career progression and salary prospects
  • It provides recognition of your skills, knowledge and achievements by your peers and the golf industry

How does GCMA Accreditation work?

GCMA Accreditation recognises your experience, skills, knowledge and achievements as well as your learning and qualifications and ongoing commitment to your own personal and professional development.

Your application will need to include:

  • Career history and summary of roles within the golf industry
  • An up-to-date record of learning, development and qualifications 
  • Evidence of ongoing commitment to professional and personal development
  • A summary of your knowledge, responsibilities and achievements in golf club management 

What are the GCMA Accreditation Levels?

GCMA Aspiring Manager

Suitable for anyone employed in a Management position within a Golf Club (Department Head, Deputy Manager or a new GC Manager) with aspirations for career progression and professional development

GCMA Accredited Manager (Level 1)

Suitable for anyone employed in a position of GC Management at a small to medium sized club, able to demonstrate the effective management of a Golf Club and normally with a minimum of three years’ experience within the industry

GCMA Accredited Manager (Level 2)

A highly proficient and knowledgeable Golf Club Manager, at a medium to larger sized club, normally with a minimum of five years’ experience within the industry

GCMA Accredited Manager (Level 3)

Recognised as a highly experienced and accomplished Golf Club Manager demonstrating continued success at medium or larger sized clubs, normally with a minimum of 10 years’ experience within the industry

GCMA Senior Leader/Master Manager

This status will be open for applications from 2025. Available to GCMA Level 3 Accredited Managers able to demonstrate outstanding leadership and contribution to the golf industry and within the Association.


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By GCMA Content Team

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