GCMA Insights Podcast: HQ update / Is this the beginning of a fall in golf club membership?

In the latest GCMA Insights podcast, after an update on the latest activities at GCMA HQ, the team at BRS Golf share the latest data on membership and rounds played... Kicking off the podcast in discussion with host Leighton Walker, GCMA CEO Tom Brooke offered a comprehensive update on the current goings-on at the association, and HQ's plans for the next few months: Association staff have been attending regional meetings, and presenting data from the recent Member Survey: "By the end of May, we will have got around to every region and presented the results of the survey and, more importantly, received feedback on those results. We have been discussing some of those key points to help us further understand exactly what it is that our that our members are looking for, and that will then feed into our new three year strategic plan." The board of directors, regional managers and GCMA team have been contributing to the creation of the association's latest three year strategic plan: "The survey has really helped to add detail to that plan, and really helped us to prioritise our plans for the immediate future. There are some exciting things to come and we're looking forward to sharing the details of that plan and publishing that plan to members in the next couple of months." Year two of the successful GCMA Mentor scheme kicks off this week with an induction day for new mentees: "They will get to meet their mentor, spend some time getting to know each other, working through their Insights profiles, to help them really understand what makes them tick. Many of the mentees from year one have renewed for a second year, and that's just testament to the success of the program and the great work that our team of mentors have been doing." The association is working with England Golf and other industry bodies on the latest edition of the governance guide for golf clubs: "It's really thorough, and rather than taking a one size fits all approach, we have produced a suite of documents that enables clubs to look at exactly how they should operate as an individual golf club, giving them the tools and the resources to really focus on governance and what their structure should look like. I'm especially pleased that it really focuses on the golf club manager and the employees being at the heart of that." Taking place in Leicestershire from November 12-14, further details of the GCMA 2023 Conference have been announced: "Our theme for this year is 'Team culture and putting your people at the heart of your purpose, vision and values'. [That relates to] everything that's happened in the world over the past few years and the changing nature of communities and what people are looking for from their working environment and their personal lives that work life balance. But also looking at what clubs can bring to a local community and focusing on the overall team culture in a golf club...
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