Why you should attend our National Education Days

GCMA professional development manager, outlines the aims of the National Education Days and how they will fit with the association’s education offering… 

Following on from the announcement last week that the Association has launched the first in a series of new National Education Days, we asked GCMA professional development manager, to tell us a little more about the events and what you can look forward to when you attend. The first will be staged at The Kendleshire, on Friday, May 27.

What are the National Education Days?  

They are events we are putting on for GCMA members and non-members too. The idea is to bring a higher level of education to as much of our membership as possible.  

The idea was born back in 2020 to supplement what was on offer at regional meetings and to consider population centres instead of concentrating on the GCMA Regions.  

This way, we get as many members as possible at these events – regardless of which region they happen to be a member.  

What will you be looking to provide? 

It’s an opportunity to deliver that higher level of education for our members. Traditionally, the GCMA has delivered that at Conference – those top-level speakers and issues – but that happens every two years. 

It is not enough and we need to be getting out to members every year. These days are really aimed at serving and experienced managers but will be of interest to those aspiring to the profession also.  We will delve deeper into the chosen subjects and uncover the more intricate, finer details and through this we will develop a better understanding which will benefit our audience.   

An education roadshow, so to speak? 

A little bit in that the subjects will remain the same so no one will miss out. We’re planning a number this year – in the Midlands / Wales, the south of England, the north of England, and Scotland. Hopefully, we’ll also branch out later to Northern Ireland and Ireland. This is about trying to take education closer to people, as opposed to relying on them having to make very long journeys. These education days will be face-to-face and that’s important. There is only so much you can do online. Online is very good but face-to-face is still best.  

Regional meetings, by their nature, also tend to take in many different aspects. You will perhaps have a business meeting, a forum for discussion, education, lunch, and then golf. 

These National Education Days are designed to be solely educational professional development days. 

Later this year, we’ll see CPD accreditation transformed at the Association. Presumably, these days will form a key part of this? 

Absolutely. If you’re attending one of these education days, you’ll get a significant number of points towards your CPD total. CPD is all encompassing. It is Conference, it is education days, it is webinars, it is regional meetings, it is qualifications. 

It is your engagement with the GCMA, the wider community, and your years of experience as a manager too. 

Will there be opportunities for members to gain qualifications?  

We’re not focusing on qualifications with the education days. It’s about maintaining or improving your level as a manager and providing the skills and knowledge to keep you up to date and on top of your game. That is the service we are trying to provide.   

How do you see these days sitting within the GCMA’s current education provision – for example, the Principles, Diploma or Conference education? 

It is part of a comprehensive package and it’s very much about personal choice. If you look at the qualifications, we’ve got the Level 5 Diploma in Golf Club Management, which can feed into the Golf Club Management Degree. We’re doing some work there to try and make that more accessible to working managers – as opposed to school leavers, which is really where that’s aimed at the moment. 

That formal education pathway is there and we’re excited to have it. It is important it’s available and it is possible for anybody looking to get into the industry to gain that qualification. 

The Principles of Golf Club Management is slightly different. That’s for people who are interested in the role, those who are aspiring to the role, for example, heads of department within a golf club and those Club Managers who are new to the role and have possibly come from different careers.  It gives them the foundation for carrying out the role of a golf club manager. That’s a broad package and now we have the National Education Days as well. 

The motivation of these National Education Days was, ultimately then, to provide an extra offering? 

Yes. I think it’s going to have broad appeal and, as I said earlier, it’s an opportunity to open up to non-members as well – highlighting their needs and our desire for greater collaboration. When you look at the golf club, and you think of the professional side, the staff, and then the amateur side of the golf club, the volunteers – we really want to bring those people on board with us. 

The aim is to ensure there is a greater understanding whenever those conversations are going on between the general manager, the chairperson, or the board.  

So you want to see chairs and committee members come along with their manager and team to these National Education Days? 

That’s really one of the key goals of the National Education Days. We want to bring those two sides of the golf club together for a greater understanding. 

Our golf club manager specific education is presented slightly differently and maybe it’s not suitable for board or committee members.  That can be delivered in a closed environment. 

But there is a great opportunity for both here – great content for members and the chance to collaborate too. I’m really excited about it. 

I can’t wait to get the first of these education events over the line and delivered. I’m confident it will be successful and we’ll look forward to hosting many more. 

The event at The Kendleshire is priced at £50 for GCMA members, and £95 for non-members, and Association members are encouraged to book for interested chairpeople and board members who may also benefit. To book a spot, click here.

Further details of additional speakers and the dates and venues for subsequent National Education Days will be announced shortly.

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By GCMA Content Team

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