Making Software Fit For Golf 

How are companies embracing the expectation of fit for purpose products? Let Golf Genius explain.


Software and technology touch many points within our lives – it supports the way we work; it impacts our interactions with others; and it helps to create higher standards of living. 

Across every industry, the impact technology and software can have on customer experiences is game-changing for many businesses too, as companies search for any advantage they can find to stand out from the competition. 

Golf can benefit from the adoption of new technology too. Today, it is embracing many solutions from providers to streamline operations, create more revenue and drive customer satisfaction. 

As a result, there has been an influx in suppliers in recent years, with each aiming to provide a solution to the needs of the modern-day golf club. Combine that with a workforce – which includes Golf Club Managers – that have become acutely accustomed to the application of technology, then golf is ready to embrace its benefits.  

Inevitably, this has created an expectation for technology products to be fit-for-purpose, with Club Managers demanding that providers ensure their technology is suited to their needs and the needs of their customers. 

So, how are software companies in golf embracing this expectation? 

In Golf Genius’ case, continuous learning and product development has been at the centre of its mission from the very start. The software company now proudly serves over 11,000 clubs and associations, across 61 countries

This wouldn’t be possible without its team of over 100 engineers – accounting for more than 50% of the company’s workforce – who each share a relentless attention to detail and a passion for product development and innovation.  

“If you are in the software business, then you are always developing your product – it is the business of being a software company. If you do not do so, you simply get left behind.” 
Mike Zisman Co-CEO, Golf Genius 

Together, in partnership with club managers and associations, Golf Genius is striving to match its technology to the needs of its customers. 

It’s this commitment that ensures it can deliver solutions that produce exceptional golf experiences in the most efficient way possible for the end-user. To achieve this, listening to customer feedback in how the product can be developed further is crucial. 

This was true in The Grove’s case, who have gone from humble product user to passionate advocate in a short period of time. As a result, Golf Genius is now used extensively throughout The Grove’s tournament play: 

“Over time we’ve worked with Craig Higgs and the Golf Genius team to develop the product for our needs and incorporate it more and more into our corporate offering. 

“We haven’t come across a better software provider. Both from a usability standpoint and the look and feel of the software. They are always looking to enhance the product and that’s not something you’ll get with all suppliers.” 
Brad Gould Director of Golf, The Grove 

Whilst impossible to address every customer requirement at the same time, Golf Genius’ has become an industry leader in listening closely to its customer’s needs, allowing the company to meet their expanding requirements and provide fast, expert support to ensure their success. 

Through its six scheduled releases per year, Golf Genius has implemented a steady and regular flow of new features, solutions and developments to its software. This has allowed the company to embrace change on a regular basis for the benefit of its customers; their on-the-ground feedback proving vital in understanding where development work needs to be done. 

“Our objective is to lay down the challenge that software providers must invest in development based on customer requests. We are leading by listening.” 
Chris Kallmeyer Co-CEO, Golf Genius 

When addressing customer issues, the first step taken is to identify what their usability and strategic issues are.  This is obtained through regular NPS surveys, ongoing customer support engagement and various other methods, providing detailed and consistent feedback year-round.  

One example of all of this has been the introduction of the ‘Quick Event’ feature earlier this year, that directly combatted issues faced by some customers when trying to set up a smaller event. As a result, it has simplified the process and provided another option to organisations and clubs when planning and running a golf event. 

Another example launched at the start of the year was solutions to the club terminal and app, which directly addressed numerous requirements raised by customers to address the need for members and golfers to be given greater control over their handicap and how they play in their club’s events. 

“We want to compete in a progressive club software market in the UK and all our markets internationally. We are continually looking to work with other software providers to bring the best integrated solutions for club managers to satisfy the increased demand for digital from their customers and members. We hope to keep pushing technological boundaries and continue to offer our customers a product that is efficient to them.” 
Craig Higgs Managing Director, Golf Genius International 

As Club Managers continue to assess how they incorporate technology into their operations efficiently, it is vital that providers of software and technology embrace their expectations for product development and evolution. 

By listening to its customers’ evolving needs on a daily basis, Golf Genius is ensuring its products are fit-for-purpose, allowing thousands of golf clubs, resorts and associations across the world to save time and deliver exceptional golfer experiences. 

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By GCMA Content Team

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