Meet The GCMA | Neil Annandale

What is your role?

As regional manager for the North West I serve two customers; our regional members and GCMA headquarters.  I organise valuable and informative meetings, along with great networking, as well as providing ad-hoc mentoring and support for members who have a problem they’ve never overcome before.

For headquarters, I help disseminate information and inform their decision making to ensure any developments best meet my members’ needs.

How did you become involved with the GCMA?

When I met my wife, a no transfers rule at work (I was a detective constable in the police) forced me to return to design engineering and self-employment. That led to significant roles within local enterprise agencies, providing help and support for a wide range of small businesses.

Shortly after I completed a major project for Business Link, the manager’s position at Penwortham (which was my golf club) became available.  Within eight weeks I was at my first GCMA meeting and I’ve been helping people with the information, inspiration, shortcuts and connections I make at each of those meetings. I have barely missed a meeting since.

What do you enjoy most about your role?

It comes down to this: I know how hard it was for me when I was a golf club manager.  It felt like the goalposts were always moving. So I get a real buzz helping folk out – whether that’s directly assisting them or passing on a gem of information that helps out later.

What opportunities lie ahead for the GCMA?

Our environment is really changeable at the moment and I’m excited to be able to help the GCMA’s commitment to become more proactive and help our members stay ahead of the game, inform and advise.  Often, I don’t think we’ve shouted enough about how much is available for members so I’m looking forward to helping show members what is in it for them, and where we can help them nip any potential problems in the bud.

How would you like to see the GCMA develop?

The potential here, to support the entire golf industry, is a huge opportunity. More cohesion and collaboration between the various golfing bodies and GCMA could really help club managers and support the business professionals who work alongside them to help the wider golfing businesses thrive. Also, as Bob Williams’ (GCMA chief executive) mission statement

suggests, we exist to increase expertise in golf club management, then it’s not just about the club manager. We must also include food and beverage managers, committees, along with secretary managers. We must engage others in terms of the advantages of membership.

By Marie J. Taylor

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