Meet your new Membership Services Manager

Natalie McColl has joined the association to look after your membership needs. She tells us about her aims and ambitions for the role… Tell us a little bit about your career so far? I started out in the world of health club sales and was a sales manager for a leading health club in Bath and really enjoyed it. I took a couple of years away from my degree to do that, went back and finished my degree, and then I fell into the motor industry – really building up my sales and customer service experience. It came to a point where I wanted to use my sports degree, which I got from the University of Bath. I looked at getting back into the sports development world and joined England Golf as a club support officer. I did four years in the South West and developed my love of golf. I’d never worked in golf and hadn’t engaged with the sport prior to that but I absolutely loved it, loved working with the people and clubs and helping them grow and develop their strategies around recruitment and retention. I did that for four years, really enjoyed it, and then came across the role at the GCMA. So tell us about your role and what your core responsibilities will be? As Membership Services Manager my role is really what it says on the tin – to service the members, making sure they get the most out of that membership and they understand everything that’s available to them. I think the values of the GCMA: Inspire, Educate and Represent are really core to my role. I’ve tried to position that at the centre of everything I do in terms of inspiring the next generation of golf club managers as well as existing mangers, helping our members access all the education and support that’s available to them through their membership, and representing them – taking any feedback into GCMA HQ to ensure their opinions, or thoughts on industry events or hot topics, are heard and represented at the highest level. Supplementing that, I lead on membership acquisition and being outward facing from the GCMA and talking to non-members and sharing all that we have to offer. We are hugely excited to be able to start actively growing our membership and reaching new audiences that haven’t previously engaged with us. For me this is all about having a great presence within the golf industry. The association has worked tirelessly over the last 12 months to support members, providing them with a number of fantastic new benefits and helping them navigate through an extremely challenging year and I feel very proud and privileged to be able to use this as our platform to engage with a wider audience. Part of that also involves sharing information about everything the GCMA has to offer and providing opportunities for non-members to be able to engage with us. For example, we have our brilliant Principles of Golf Club management...
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