My new job: Martin Robinson

We talk to GCMA members who have recently changed jobs to learn about their new role, and to share advice on successfully navigating the recruitment process. This week, we feature Clitheroe's new secretary Martin Robinson. Where did you first hear about the job at Clitheroe? I first saw it advertised by the GCMA on social media, although I’ve known Kevin Fish, who was the recruiter managing the process, for a long time. I live 15 minutes away from the club, so my ears pricked up when I saw the role, as they don’t come up that often at a club like this. Can you outline the application process? The process was fantastic, compared to previous ones I’ve been through that didn’t involve a dedicated recruiter. With Kevin looking after it, it was really professional and I was impressed with each element of the process. Cover letter and CV to the recruiter first, followed by an online psychometric test looking at what type of manager or leader you are, which was interesting. Then there was a questionnaire sent to me asking several questions in relation to how I might improve the member experience, questions about strategy and strategic plans for the future, as well as my approach to managing teams and finances. Following submission of my questionnaire, I was then invited to an in-person interview at the club, which was with five of their directors and Kevin Fish, and the questions were relating around the questionnaire. Then we discussed a little bit about me and my life outside of work, It was a really professional process. Once I’d been appointed, Kevin then sent me a working booklet to give an overview of the club and its background, and some ideas about what the focus could be moving forward, which I thought was a great touch. How did you approach your application? To be honest, for my covering letter I tried to make the most of my local knowledge! I have played the course a significant number of times in the past, and so I took a look at the website, and used that knowledge to hopefully highlight things that I thought they would want hear during the interview process. The member experience, improving the quality of the whole customer journey and so on. If the interview panel can see that you’ve successfully managed a club before and you have relatable examples, you’re one step ahead already. Talking about all my previous experience was perhaps one of the tipping points in my favour, but I must have also been one of the people that they related to best in the interview. I try just to be personable and honest in interviews. I think if you're not, you can get caught out. What did you learn from that process that you think would help fellow members who were applying for jobs? Every golf club management job application process has involved being asked similar questions, and there is always an emphasis on customer experience....
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