Out of school activities may be implemented in English golf clubs

Providers in England who run community activities, holiday clubs, after-school clubs, tuition, and other out-of-school provision for children may operate with safety measures in place for groups of children up to 15 to a staff member.  If facilities allow, there may be more than a single group at a specific time but each group should be consistent, not encounter one another, and there should be appropriate cleaning of settings and equipment between use. The full Out Of School Setting guidance is available here. For golf clubs and facilities, this means they are now able to open for both outside and indoor provision provided that they follow the protective measures set out by government, such as those outlined in the guidance above, other COVID-related guidance, and other safeguarding and protection requirements. Those seeking to hold such activities should undertake a risk assessment and seek to maintain small, consistent groups of up to 15 children to at least one staff member, depending on the implementation of this guidance. Ideally, children who attend any setting should live within walking or cycling distance and there should be no mixing within the setting itself.  Records of all children attending activities and the staff members they have been assigned to, must be kept.  Clubs and golf professionals with questions about implementation of the Out Of School Settings guidance should contact England Golf or The PGA.
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