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There are a number of organisations which offer financial support to businesses in Wales.  Links to these and advice on how to ensure ay applications are successful Sport Wales - https://www.sport.wales/beactivewalesfund/ There are three types of grant available, all designed to address different challenges faced by clubs and organisations. If you are applying for the fund, it’s important that you choose the correct grant and make your application relevant to that grant. PROTECT  To help protect clubs and community organisations or groups that are at immediate financial risk as a result of the Covid-19 pandemic. This grant is intended to help organisations that are unable to meet their financial obligations because of Covid-19. For example, to cover fixed costs (e.g. rent and utility) that are no longer supported with revenue. Protect grants of £300-£5,000 are available for emergency support PREPARE To help prepare clubs and community organisations in direct response to Covid-19. This grant is designed to fund elements and items that are essential for a return to play.  Prepare grants of £300-£50,000 are available.  For grants over £5,000, you will need to make a 15% contribution (from the club's own funds or grants from elsewhere). N.B. This is not a general development grant – applications must be in direct response to Covid-19.         3.  PROGRESS To help progress sport and activity to the next step and support long-term sustainability. This grant is intended to help clubs and community organisations.  : Tackle inequality Create long-term solutions to be more sustainable Take innovative approaches Grants of £300 - £50,000 are available. You will need to make a contribution of 10% for grants over £10k or 20% over £25k. Applications are more likely to be successful when they choose the relevant grant for the club’s needs. Many of the applications which we have to reject are due to the wrong grant being selected.  Articulate how the items which the club wish to fund meet the aims and criteria of the grant.  We recommend that you take the following steps before applying: Read all the relevant webpages, including this page and the pages for each grant listed. Read through the Help Centre FAQs and ask any additional questions you might have. Wales Golf can help you with the application process. Sport Freelancer Fund (PGA Professional Coaches) Shortly before Christmas, 346 very grateful applicants received their Sport Freelancer Fund grant of £1,500. Open to freelancers whose work directly delivers activity to participants (e.g. personal trainers, instructor/practitioners and paid coaches) and who have lost at least £1,500 of income due to the COVID-19 pandemic, this was a brand new Fund designed for people we rarely engage with. There was some nervousness about how the process would work and whether we would reach the right people but we were very pleased with the uptake during phase one. Phase two of the Fund will launch in the week commencing Monday 18th January, and there are two key changes which will provide more support to even more freelancers in Wales. The grant will increase to £2,500 (with those successful in phase one automatically being considered for an additional £1,000) and the criteria has been widened which means more people will be...
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