How will your club thank a greenkeeper?

The efforts of greenkeeping teams will be marked with a day of celebration on September 14…

Golf clubs are being invited to offer a message of thanks to their greenkeepers and course managers later this month.

The second Thank A Greenkeeper Day, which takes place on Tuesday, September 14, will encourage those who love golf to spare a moment to recognise the work of the teams that maintain their golf courses.

The British & International Golf Greenkeepers’ Association (BIGGA) is joining other organisations across the sport to acknowledge those who help keep golf courses enjoyable and sustainable.

And they are hoping golf clubs, and GCMA members, across the UK will get involved.

Last year, the hashtag #ThankAGreenkeeper trended within the top 10 of UK topics on social media.

Celebrities, professional golfers and countless others offered messages of thanks to their greenkeepers and groundsmen. Some clubs even laid on hot breakfasts or meals for their teams.

BIGGA, along with their colleagues in the United States, Australia, Canada and across the world, will tout the many ways greenkeepers benefit the game.

Along with club managers, they’ve borne a heavy load during the pandemic – particularly during the first lockdown when only essential maintenance was permitted and many found themselves either furloughed or working without their colleagues who were.

If your club is planning to mark the work of your greenkeepers in a special way, why not let us know about it? Email us at [email protected]

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By GCMA Content Team

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