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tg-ttr-withtrace[1]Toptracer has transformed the way we watch golf on TV. Could it now transform your range?

Drooling over the ball flights of the best golfers in the world is something that has become synonymous with how we watch the game on TV.

Never before have we been able to get such an insight into the majestic way the likes of Rory McIlroy and Dustin Johnson launch their ball off the tee. Put simply, it has revolutionised the way in which we consume the sport.

Now that same technology is available for driving ranges and clubs up and down the country, with the aim of introducing golf to a whole new audience.

Toptracer tracks the shots of all the best players in the world on the PGA and European Tours and golfers of all ages and abilities can now share in that experience.

Owned by Topgolf® Entertainment Group, it uses two cameras mounted above driving range bays to capture data on every shot and relay it – via image analysis software – onto screens that display stats in a number of game modes.

“In Toptracer Range I see a genuine opportunity to grow the game and introduce golf to a new audience with a product that lives up to its reputation and delivers an extraordinary experience through gamification,” said Toptracer president Ben Sharpe.

“You hear lots of chatter about growing the game and introducing it to a new audience, but this product is the first thing I’ve seen that has the potential to live up to the hype.”

TopGolf_Shot2_426With different games and skills challenges, as well as virtual golf on simulated versions of the world’s most famous courses, Toptracer Range can transform traditional driving ranges and bays at clubs into entertainment destinations.
It aims to make golf a fun and sociable experience.

“It is no stretch to say that everyone from scratch players to absolute beginners can tremendously benefit from Toptracer Range,” added Sharpe.

“For the avid golfer, the system is incredible at tracking performance data and actually saves information on every shot hit to a user profile. “So good players can practice all season long and see how their game is evolving, or how it changes with new equipment, lessons and so on.

“Data is becoming a huge part of improving athletic performance in all sports and we’re able to help golfers harness stats that are crucial to helping them understand their strengths and weaknesses.

“For beginners or casual players, the games are immensely fun and help build the basic skills that players can take from the range to the course.

“It’s also an excellent way to introduce children or non-golfers to the sport in a very low pressure and enjoyable environment.”
It’s led to more and more driving ranges and golf clubs opting to adopt the Toptracer Range technology – with bespoke packages tailoring to the individual needs and demands of venues.

Screen Shot 2018-09-28 at 11.48.54“What these facilities are reporting is that on average the Toptracer Range-enhanced bays are nearly doubling the revenue of non-Toptracer bays,” said Sharpe.

“Not only are people practising more and staying longer, but they are bringing their friends, buying food and beverages and generally treating the range as an entertainment hub. It is a true paradigm shift in how facility owners

and operators can turn a profit.”
Sharpe believes Toptracer Range is transforming the traditional image of golf practice and helping to unlock the secrets of golf for a new audience.

“Technology is completely changing everything, in a very good way,” he continued. “Golf’s participation numbers are healthy and climbing thanks to the hard work of companies like Topgolf, and we’re very bullish on the future. The experience of and entry point into golf is changing, but there are millions more people worldwide who want to try their hand and see what golf is all about.” The range revolution has begun.

Toptracer Range The Toptracer Range is available for a monthly fee, with no payment upfront. The equipment, including camera sensors, hardware and displays, is leased.  Software, free installation, unlimited maintenance and marketing support, along with an account manager, is also provided.

To run the system, all that is needed are power outlets and a data connection installed between the servers, camera and screens.
For more information, contact Paul Williams, general manager of Toptracer Europe, at [email protected] or visit

By Marie J. Taylor

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