A day in the life: Jack Bamford

We talk to GCMA members about how they do their jobs and ask what advice they can share with peers like you. This week, we speak to Windlesham general manager Jack Bamford. In an average day, what meetings do you have and who with? I make sure I see as many staff as possible to say hello and make sure they are ok, and I regularly speak with members passing by the clubhouse and ask them how things are going. Otherwise, I have prearranged calls or meetings with staff, suppliers and members. How much of your day do you spend on email and calls? Do you manage that time in any way? My emails are always open on my laptop and my mobile - which is also my desk phone - is always with me and available to answer (except for during certain meetings), so it probably adds up to about 50% of my day. I try and manage it where possible, attempting to follow my planned diary for the day, which can be difficult. I do receive a lot of emails as I like to keep in touch with internal staff and external communications, and usually the latter are sales enquiries and member queries. What piece of software could you not be without? I have started using OneNote for Windows, as I no longer keep handwritten notes. Not just because my handwriting is awful most of the time as I rush to scribble something down, but it also makes finding information a lot easier and quicker. I do use a pad of scrap paper to jot down thoughts throughout the day but then I transfer what needs keeping to my digital note pad. Give us a productivity tip. I always folder my emails. I must have 100+ folders for different topics to keep my inbox clean and prioritised. Less is nearly always more, particularly when it comes to paper, and I try to avoid printing anything and keep things digital. As I mentioned, OneNote is also very useful for improving productivity. What major projects do you have coming up? Over the next few winter seasons we are building 18 new forward tees on the course (we have already completed five this year) to make the game more enjoyable and accessible for all levels of play at Windlesham. We hope this will increase the accessibility of the course to cater for all age ranges - many other sports are doing this already. Off the course, we are upgrading our TVs, so they are all connected centrally and will double up as a communication tool, so we can display our own content alongside the usual TV offering – something that is common in hotels. In addition, we are refurbishing the changing rooms, launching a new public website, going cashless in 2023 and lots more remedial works to improve our offering and facilities. How do you manage your communications with your members? I write to members as often as possible, with updates...
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