A Day in the Life: Darryl Cawthorne

We talk to GCMA members about how they do their jobs and ask what advice they can share with peers like you. This week, we speak to Sandiway general manager Darryl Cawthorne. In an average day, what meetings do you have and who with? In the past month I have had about 14 meetings, so I only average less than one per day.  They are mostly internal meetings with heads of department or sub committees, plus a few external meetings, such as possible new suppliers or services. How much of your day do you spend on email and calls? Do you manage that time in any way? I probably spend an hour or two per day on email, loaded more on a Monday as I am not usually in on the weekend.  I tend to check emails first thing and then as and when they come in, depending on their importance or if they need further thought.  I use the Outlook flagging tool as a reminder of which emails I still need to action. My administrator screens the calls to the office and is adept at putting off unwanted sales calls, so I really only take calls that are from members or societies etc. What piece of software could you not be without? Probably intelligentgolf. I have used most of the big name systems out there and think that this is by far and away the best ‘all-rounder’.  It’s a great source of management information. Give us a productivity tip Have a plan but be flexible, and use your people – delegate but don’t abdicate. What major projects do you have coming up? Every winter we undertake our course redevelopment projects, and this winter we are upgrading our sewerage system from septic tanks - exciting I know! How do you manage your communications with your members or visitors? I send a ‘Club Matters’ global email every Friday, which covers a whole host of topics and the members seem to really like it. We do not have masses of visitors but anything important that we need them to know is done through email. How do you manage your relationships with your key stakeholders? I am honest and open and treat everyone with respect and like a human being. I make sure I am always available for a chat, no matter what the problem.  I meet with the heads of department on a weekly basis but, of course, I catch up with them every day. For the most part I only formally meet with directors at the monthly board meeting or sub-committee meetings. We have a strategic board who allow me to focus on the running of the operation. Do you have a routine to start your day? I have two young children of nursery/school age, so mornings are pretty hectic, but I start my work day with a walk around the premises, and I then check my emails for anything urgent. Then I walk down for a catch up with the professional staff. If...
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