My new job: Lundin’s Martin Ball

We talk to GCMA members who have recently changed jobs to learn about their new role, and to share advice on successfully navigating the recruitment process. This week, we feature Lundin’s new general manager Martin Ball.

Martin reveals his personal ambitions, recalls the toughest interview question he faced (and how to answer it) and offers tips for setting yourself apart in the interview process.

What’s your new role?

General Manager at Lundin Golf Club in Fife.

What does it involve?

I have general oversight of all roles within the club. Both the course and the bar managers report to me and I work with the golf professional and the catering franchisee. I ensure that these four areas work in unison with each other, as well as covering the accounts and the sales and marketing roles.

How did you find out about the role?

I had been made aware that the job might be advertised, and the major advantage for me was that I wouldn’t have to move house!

How are you finding it?

Two words: ‘Fantastically enjoyable’!

How is it different from your previous role?

It is a far busier golf course for visitor numbers compared to Ladybank. We are a links course located about 15 miles from St Andrews, so are on the tick list for a lot of touring golfers.

The challenge of that is balancing the members who can only book seven days in advance with the number of visitors, who can book up to two years in advance.

This involves a lot of work on the time sheet to ensure that there will be sufficient start times for members.

What’s the best thing about it?

People come here who tell me that golfing in Fife has been on their ‘to-do’ list for, in some cases, the last 40 years. It is fantastic to be able to help them enjoy it.

What are the club’s goals for the next year?

We want to improve all areas of the club and the visitor experience.

The green fee for the high season in 2023 will be £150, and it is important that every aspect of the club lives up to £150 of experience. We have started working with 59Club to help us gauge our weak areas.

What are your personal ambitions?

I am a custodian of the club, which was designed by Tom Morris in 1868. My role is to ensure that it is a better club when I leave, compared to when I arrived.

Describe the application process stage by stage 

Firstly, I met up with the recruitment company to discuss my CV and experience to date. There were then two rounds of interviews, and I had to make a presentation to the unterview panel on the changes that I would adopt at Lundin Golf Club.

What have you learned from the process that would help fellow members? 

Ensure that you are relaxed so that the real ‘you’ shows through.

I always try to be fair and include the facts (include financial facts) to help put your point across.

What was the hardest question you were asked? 

Probably, “What is your biggest concern about coming to work here?”.

I said that it was making sure that I fully understood the workings of Lundin and what the members wanted from the club.

Which people did you deal with through the process? 

The Captain and Finance and Governance Convener.

What do you think set you apart for the job?

I worked at a nearby club that was doing things that the committee could see, and wanted doing at Lundin – in particular our activity on social media.

Do you have any tips on getting a new job?  

Your covering letter is the foot in the door for any job. It must sell what you can do, be relevant to the job description and should be written in a way that highlights all the skills and experience required.

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By GCMA Content Team

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