A day in the life: Louis Booth

We talk to GCMA members about how they do their jobs and ask what advice they can share with peers like you. This week, we speak to Lincoln's Louis Booth, one year on from him receiving the 2021 GCMA Newcomer of the Year award. What does an average day look like in terms of meetings, who you're meeting with and how are they structured? I do try to get one or two meetings in the diary, but I like having an open door policy. At the start and end of the week I'll catch up with all the heads of department and communicate what's going on this week for events or anything that's upcoming that we all need to discuss. Also anything that is causing concern that we feel needs addressing. I do try and spend time each day front of house as well, to speak with the members and meet and greet visiting parties that we have at the club. I think it’s vital to build relationships with member and clients that you’ve been dealing with. Some of the things that happen in golf clubs still amaze me, so you've always got different meetings with different people, which I enjoy, especially as I feel like I'm still learning as I go, so I enjoy speaking to as many members and clients as I can. How much time do you spend dealing with emails and phone calls? I'm lucky to have a great team at Lincoln Golf Club – Marion my Assistant and Amy our Accounts Manager help me out a lot, and take a lot of the weight off my shoulders by handling and screening phone calls. I'm still quite new to the environment, and I still can't quite get my head around how you can come in for your day and you think, 'Right, I've got this to do, then I'm going to go through my emails,' and suddenly you end up here, there and everywhere doing other things. But if everything goes to plan, I'll probably spend the morning on emails and phone calls, and catching up with the team, and then the afternoon will be more getting on with other areas of the business and speaking with the members. What hardware or software couldn't you be without? Definitely intelligentgolf! I think Tammy and the team there must hate me, to be honest, because I'm always phoning them and asking questions! We all use it mainly for the event forms for all the bookings we have, so we use that as our 'single source of truth'. This helps when meeting as a team to discuss upcoming events and deliver a good experience at the club. I might phone up five times in one day asking how to do this or that, but it's such a useful piece of software that we would definitely be lost without it. I've actually just booked some training in December for everybody, because I know there's so much on the system that...
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