Five benefits of recruiting Golf Club Managers with GCMA Accreditation

GCMA Accreditation represents a stamp of quality for those who achieve it — here’s why you should consider recruiting an accredited Golf Club Manager next time you’re hiring.

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The GCMA Accreditation programme attracts many of the best and brightest Golf Club Managers in the industry.

Designed to recognise a manager’s experience, skills, knowledge and achievements, the programme also documents learning, qualifications and a person’s ongoing commitment to their professional development.

For facilities and hiring managers embarking on a recruitment process, identifying those who have achieved accredited status is a great way to build a shortlist of the most suitable candidates.

Here are five reasons why hiring someone with GCMA Accreditation would be a smart move for your golf club.

1) Candidates who take CPD seriously

Attaining GCMA Accreditation demonstrates a proactive approach to continuing professional development (CPD), highlighting accredited managers as conscientious, eager to learn, and always striving to better themselves — precisely the qualities most employers are looking for.

2) An inclusive approach

The programme is designed to value and recognise a wide range of backgrounds, skills, knowledge, experience, learning and qualifications that contribute towards being a successful Golf Club Manager.

3) Tapping into varied skill sets

GCMA Accreditation is not limited to any one set programme or series of qualifications. Recognition is given to a balance of experience, skills and knowledge, qualifications and CPD.

4) Up to speed on best practice

Based on existing best practice and comparable industry standards in CPD, career pathway and accreditation frameworks, the programme ensures accredited professionals are at the leading edge of developments in golf club management.

5) Masters of their trade

Accreditation provides a clear and achievable pathway for Golf Club Managers to develop their skills and knowledge, and from 2025 the highest achievers will have a new goal to aim for — GCMA Master Manager status. This new accreditation level will be for managers able to demonstrate outstanding leadership and contribution to the golf industry and within the Association.


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By GCMA Content Team

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