5 things Golf It! gets right — and other facilities can too

Golf It!

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Since launching in August 2023, Golf It! has been delivering on The R&A’s vision to provide a destination for golf that is accessible, appealing and inclusive.

With a site that includes everything from adventure golf to a nine-hole course and a two-tier Top Tracer driving range, the Glasgow-based facility positions itself as a community hub, with a nursery and nature trails also on offer, alongside the increasingly popular racket sport known as padel.

Here are five areas where Golf It! has really nailed it — and other facilities could follow suit.

1) Inclusivity

The demographic at Golf It! is as broad as you could hope to find anywhere and that is no accident. The facility is designed to be welcoming to all, with no restrictions on age, no dress codes and no need to call ahead and book. The open-door policy allows anyone to turn up and take a look around, with helpful and informative staff on hand to point out what’s on offer to visitors.

The whole ethos of Golf It! is to encourage participation and bring golf to the widest possible audience. On a typical day you’ll see everything from family groups taking on one of three three fun-filled adventure golf courses to solo players working on their swing on the driving range, and women enjoying the Ladies Learn Golf programme. The relaxed atmosphere and Golf It’s broad range of activities ensure everyone is catered for, with the nine-hole course offering five sets of tees so mixed-ability groups can play together.

2) Fun

While Golf It! has the facilities and on-site coaching expertise to help golfers develop their game, there is a clear emphasis on fun — and it’s not just the adventure golf where it can be found. The look and sound of the place immediately tells you it’s different from many golf venues, with vibrant colours and music always on the go, there is a casual vibe that reminds you that golf, at its best, is a form of entertainment.

To that end, Golf It! regularly hosts events with live music and an array of street food vendors, while visitors are spoilt for choice on the F&B front whatever day they visit.

While the Top Tracer driving range is the perfect place for seasoned players to show off their skills, the technology also provides the chance to play a number of games where the playing field is made level.

3) No barriers

With a keen focus on eliminating barriers to entry, Golf It! has implemented a pricing structure to keep things affordable, but it’s not just about how much you have to pay for a bay or a quick nine holes — it’s the fact there is equipment available free of charge, or that instead of getting 50 or 100 balls to hit, you get an unlimited number within your allotted time on the driving range.

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4) Community

Golf It! feels very much part of the community, with many of its employees coming from the area. The facility works with numerous organisations to broaden its impact and welcome people to the site who may not otherwise have paid a visit. Local schoolchildren helped to design the adventure golf holes, while a long-term education programme across Glasgow has the aim of providing in-curriculum golf experiences to 42,000 children across the city.

5) A clear pathway

Golf exists in many forms and several of them are on offer at Golf It!, from the adventure golf to the nine-hole course, as well as park golf and a family putting green. This variety of formats affords people of all abilities a suitable entry point and provides a pathway if they should wish to improve their skills. The five sets of tees on the nine-hole course make it enjoyable to play for anyone from first-timers up to experienced players, while those who love their data can get their fix from the Top Tracer range and simulators.

‘Golf It! embodies the true spirit of golf’

Natalie McColl, the GCMA’s Membership Services Manager, took a family trip to Golf It! in the Easter holidays and was blown away by the experience.

‌Our visit to Golf It! in Glasgow on Easter Sunday was truly unforgettable. The facility buzzed with families, and the friendly team welcomed us warmly as we booked a 60-minute team bay on the ‘top deck’.

‌With our eight-year-old son in tow, we expected a few hiccups, but they only resulted in smiles and laughter as he improved his skills. His highlight was hitting his 3-wood an impressive 77 yards.

‌We played the fun game of Go Fish and enjoyed the company of a diverse group of people, from young friends laughing and joking on our left to a large family spanning generations on our right. The inclusion of baby swings in the bays for little ones was a fantastic idea.


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‌Next, we embarked on an exciting 18-hole round of mini golf. We particularly enjoyed the sustainability-themed nine holes which added a quirky twist and a valuable educational opportunity for kids.

‌Our morning ended with a delicious pizza from one of the food stands, creating a festive atmosphere as we savoured our meal, admired the views of the lake opposite and the surrounding scenery.

‌Golf It! embodies the true spirit of golf, with a focus on families, fun, and a thriving local community. It offers a wonderful introduction to the sport for new golfers.

‌In conclusion, our experience at Golf It! in Glasgow was exceptional. It was a morning filled with laughter, learning, and unforgettable moments. We highly recommend this family-friendly facility to anyone seeking a vibrant golfing experience.


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