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“I would 100% recommend this course to any upcoming golf club manager” — Simon Giles, Golf Operations Manager, Collingtree Park

The GCMA’s Principles of Golf Management course suits industry professionals aspiring to become a golf club manager, those new to the profession or anyone looking to brush up on existing skills.

Golf club management requires a wide range of knowledge and technical skills – from working on the club’s finances to organising catering. This course, which is open to members and non-members alike, offers a fantastic overview of the skills that are necessary for success. It aims to inform you of crucial legislative processes, employment law, health and safety principles and much more.

No club today can afford to be run by amateurs. Many newly formed clubs need professional management. This course is a recognised standard within the golf industry, which will allow you to become a knowledgeable industry professional. 

Chris Harrison, Assistant Manager at The Hampshire, attended an online Principles course earlier this year and was in no doubt about its benefits.

“I aspire to transition into a role with greater responsibility,” he said. “I chose this course because it offers a comprehensive overview of various aspects of the industry.”

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Also on the course was Simon Giles, Golf Operations Manager at Collingtree Park.

He said: “Every session of the course I took something away which I wasn’t previously aware of.”

This course also offers a valuable opportunity to network with fellow industry professionals. George Reid, the Membership & Sales Manager at Wyke Green, said: “The connections gained throughout the week were brilliant.”

The following dates are available in 2024:

Monday June 10th to Thursday June 13 (ONLINE)

Monday October 7 to Friday October 11 (RESIDENTIAL)

What students say about the Principles of Management course

Chris Harrison from The Hampshire, Simon Giles from Collingtree Park and George Reid from Wyke Green talk about their experiences of the course.  

Why did you choose to take the Principles of golf Management Course?

GR: “I’m keen to progress in my career and wanted to learn more about the variety of areas covered within a GM role.”

SG: “I chose to enrol in the Principle of Golf Club Management as I wanted to further my knowledge in my job role now and to see what it takes to run a golf club as a General Manager.”

What have you learned from the Principles of Golf Management course?

CH: “The course provided me with valuable insights into the diverse nature of managerial roles within the golf club environment. I particularly enjoyed learning from others’ experiences and the various scenarios they faced. The personality profiling and matching segment of the course prompted me to reflect on my interactions within my current team. I believe this understanding will prove beneficial as I look forward to managing teams of staff in the future.”

GR: “The tips around HR and how important it is were great. Learning more about the agronomy side was incredibly insightful. There was much more besides.”

SG: “There were many things I learned on the course, one being the governance of a club. This isn’t something I deal with in my day-to-day role so was very interesting to gain an insight on this.”

Would you recommend the course and why?

CH: “I would enthusiastically endorse this course to anyone looking at getting their foot on the managerial ladder. Similar to all excellent educational programs, I left the week with valuable connections beyond my typical network and a plethora of ideas on how to enhance my contributions as a valued team member. It was truly worthwhile.”

GR: “Absolutely, not only to meet other connections within the industry but also to get to bounce some questions off experienced General Managers. It also allows you to understand what variety of knowledge is needed for the role of a GM.”

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