Five tips to help you ensure your next job application is successful

Five GCMA members who have recently started new roles reveal something they learned during the recruitment process that can help you with your next application Stuart Finlay Radyr First and foremost be yourself in the interview process. I think many people when put in a stressful environment such as an interview try to conform to what the club think they are looking for. I was very clear about my strengths and weaknesses but that ultimately the strength lied within the team you have in place. Preparation is key. This can come in a number of ways such as meeting with club officials, playing the course, speaking to other managers with experience of interviews and doing online research of the club. Katie Laud Petersfield Do your research, be yourself, show what you can offer the club, but also make sure it is the right opportunity for you. It is a bit like buying a house, you will know when it is the right opportunity for you. Also, make sure you have a detailed, up-to-date CV, and ensure that you tailor this and your covering letter to the specific role you are applying for. Once you are successful in getting to interview, use the process as a two-way conversation and ensure it is a job you actually want. Then just be yourself and show the club how much you want the job and what you can bring to the club. Finally, make sure you have a couple of good questions to ask them at the end of the interview, showing you have researched the club and the role. Martin Robinson Clitheroe Every golf club management job application process has involved being asked similar questions, and there is always an emphasis on customer experience. I would encourage anybody applying for a job to do their research and look at every single department in the golf club, and ask yourself, how would you improve the customer experience? I just put myself in a member’s shoes. I imagine driving into the club – starting at the beginning of their journey – and thinking, ‘what would I want to see or feel as a member’? That’s how I write my covering letters. I’ll start at the front door and then work my way through the departments. How will I improve or create a better member experience? I’ve always thought that the best golf club managers are good with people and finance, and I think if you can get that across in your interview and give good examples of your experience in these areas, you will generally be successful in your application. Also, I think managers going into interviews need to have the confidence that there is nobody in that room who knows more about golf club management than the person being interviewed and that confidence needs to come across. Gareth Morgan Minchinhampton I suppose this is almost a reverse lesson from this process, because Minchinhampton were pretty good, and they gave me some information, but, having...
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