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Screen Shot 2018-05-09 at 13.14.07We’ve received a letter from MPLC (Motion Picture Licensing Company) saying we need a licence through them (similar to PPL/PRS, but for TV). Having done some research, it appears we don’t require this if just showing sport, music and news on the TV. Have you had any dealings with this company or any advice?

You are correct. If you are only broadcasting sports, rolling news or music channels, either terrestrial or subscription, then you do not need a licence. You need to write to MPLC to confirm this and tell them you have taken all necessary steps to ensure you are not broadcasting any other moving images. For further information please see our email article:

We are in the countryside and not connected to the mains sewer system, so we use a septic tank system. I have been told by our HSE director that, as of 2019, every septic tank will require a bio plant/filter bed. Do you have any information about this?

There are many regulations surrounding septic tanks, but I have not found any regarding bio plant/filter beds on existing systems. I suggest you check out this link: as there are other regulations you need to be aware of as the users of a septic tank.

Have the GCMA ever looked into recycling golf balls?
You will find that local authority recycling programs and your local recycling centres typically do not accept golf balls (or most other types of sporting balls for that matter). That is because there is no true way to recycle a golf ball at present. However, there are companies that put golf balls back to use. See or There is also this company:, who claim to recycle them, but it will cost you.

I have a query regarding ‘social membership’ at golf clubs. We have a number of such members, who simply have use of the clubhouse facilities and members’ discount on food and drink purchases. Is there a limit or restriction in terms of the numbers, or proportion of social members we can have for us to maintain our ‘club’ status?
There are no restrictions on private members’ clubs regarding the make-up of the membership, unless the club is a CASC, which I presume you are not, when 50% of the total membership must play at least 12 times per year.  This would obviously prove difficult for those CASCs who have a high percentage of social/non-playing members.

We are holding an EGM and our board have agreed to proxy voting by email as long as the returned form comes from the same email address to which it was sent. Is this action okay?
You are allowed to appoint proxies under the Companies Act: see and and, as you say, the reply should come from the email address to which the initial information was sent. You should appoint someone to scrutinise the votes, prior to the meeting, and that person should not be an employee or member of the board nor should they divulge the results until informing the chair of the meeting immediately prior to the commencement of the meeting.

By Marie J. Taylor

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