GCMA Accreditation case study: Adam Grint

Introducing your peers who have been awarded Accreditation status. Learn more about their backgrounds plus how and why they got involved in the scheme. Adam Grint General Manager | Gerrards Cross GC Accredited Manager Level 3 - What was your motivation for applying for GCMA Accreditation?  When the GCMA announced the accreditation scheme, I thought this was a great opportunity to bring together and recognise all the ongoing learning I had engaged with, following my University education – GCMA meetings and seminars and so on, and capture this all in one place. Similar information is on my CV, but in a much briefer format, so the accreditation scheme is great as there was the opportunity to expand on my experience and the projects I have been involved with.   - How did you find the process of applying for accreditation?  Honestly, when I first looked at it, I thought, 'Wow, do I really want to do this?!' I had lots going on - working full time, with a young family and it was the centenary year at the golf club, I wondered whether I was actually going to be able to get it done.  But I reflected on it further, and the reasons I wanted to do it. I thought I could use it as a brain dump, so I just planned some time, tried to find half an hour a day to work on it, I gave myself goals to get 5% or 10% completed, every few days, and that really helped to get my mindset in the right place to complete it.  It was great to be able to reflect on everything that I've done over the last 20 or so years in the industry.  - What did you learn from the process?  Firstly, I used it as a benchmark for how far I've come as a manager, because you can easily lose sight of that.  Golf club management has the potential to be a lonely position, and there is a risk of falling into the trap of becoming quite negative at times, this was a perfect opportunity to remind me of the positives of the position, and also what I have achieved as a manager.  At the same time, it helped me identify areas that I might want to improve on, and skill sets that I might be weaker in.  Getting it down on paper allowed me to evaluate those areas and look to improve going forward.    - How do you plan to develop your skills to try and achieve further accreditation in the future?  I'd love to apply for Master Manager when it becomes available, and there are a couple of areas I need to work on.   Because of the accreditation process, I realised I want to develop my presentation skills. I look at some of the senior managers out there - Amy Yeates is someone who comes to mind - who I've watched present, and they are really professional in front of audiences.  My wife presents to audiences of...
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