GCMA Accreditation case study: Melanie Drake

Introducing your peers who have been awarded Accreditation status. Learn more about their backgrounds plus how and why they got involved in the scheme. Melanie Drake General Manager | Kings Hill GC Accredited Manager Level 3 - What was your motivation for applying for GCMA Accreditation?  I have worked in the industry for some time and believe it is important to continue learning and keep your education up to date.  The GCMA Accreditation is a great way to reflect on what you have achieved but also to see where you can improve in the future.  - What was the process like from your point of view? What did you learn from it?  The process was more time consuming than I originally thought, however, it was very concise in the requirements and made you think about everything you have achieved in your career.  It focused me on a lot of positives which over time you tend to forget as it’s the norm at that point.  - How do you approach your personal CPD?  I like to have a mix of subjects and learning methods.  I have recently attended a couple of webinars, the first of which was run by Vitality in partnership with the Financial Times, called Wellness at Work – Creating healthy and productive workplaces with better data. The second was run by NatWest: Thriving in Chaos and Uncertainty - Strategic Thinking for Business and HR Leads, and then more recently I attended the GCMA Wellbeing Awareness Workshop with Debbie Kleiner.  Our GCMA meetings are always a great source for networking and sharing best practice with other GMs and secretaries alike.  We also support each other through our SE WhatsApp group, with both serious and sometimes light-hearted ideas and solutions.  I also regularly read articles through the golfing press and from other industries.  - How do you support the CPD of your team?  I encourage the team to continue their self-development, and this includes in-house, inter-department and third-party training, which with a small team is vitally important.  Our Course Manager and I attended the last GCMA National Education Day of the year held at Walton Heath. I think we both wished it had been longer as there was so much to continue discussing around governance and sustainability.  Following the annual Kent Golf Secretaries Conference there was a presentation on mental health wellbeing, and my Operations Manager has now completed his Certificate of Training in Mental Health First Aid. I am sure this will continue to be a hot topic this year.  - What do you hope to achieve next from a professional perspective in the next year? Have you identified any areas you need to develop?  Personal development is ongoing, and we learn something new every day.  I personally would like to have more time to spend on my own personal learning and development, keeping abreast of current trends and what's new to the market, whether this be health and safety, HR, course management, insurance or banking.    I am always interested in how we...
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