GCMA Accreditation case study: Owain Hoskins

Introducing your peers who have been recently awarded Accreditation status. Learn more about their backgrounds plus how and why they got involved in the scheme. Owain Hoskins House Manager | Olton GCAccreditation level: Aspiring Manager - What was your motivation for applying for GCMA Accreditation? I am also enrolled in the GCMA Mentor program and my mentor suggested to me that it was a really good thing to do and get involved with. Having previously missed the first round of applications, after speaking with my mentor it seemed like a great programme to enrol in. - What was the process like from your point of view? What did you learn from it? Filling in the different sections was really easy. I took the approach of doing an hour every week - just going through each step and finding all of my experience and qualifications to fill in. I realised I had done a lot more qualifications than I thought, and I also learned the value of my years working in golf clubs. - How do you approach your personal CPD? I have recently finished my Diploma in Golf Club Management, and since the pandemic I have had a desire to learn and develop. It began by reading a lot - something I still do today - then once we started to return to work I sat down with my line manager and they guided me towards golf club management. So, first I did the Principles of Golf Club Management, then moved on to the Diploma and now I am always looking for the next opportunity to learn and develop. - How do you support the CPD of your team? I feel lucky in the sense that my current golf club have always supported me in taking on CPD through sponsoring me through various courses and even fully sponsored my Diploma, and it is something I’m eager to push onto my team as it’s very rewarding to see someone realise and reach their potential. - What do you hope to achieve next from a professional perspective in the next year? Have you identified any areas you need to develop? I have just signed up for a short sustainability course to help my understanding of how we as a golf club can be more environmentally friendly while enhancing the business. On top of that, I am working on getting more hands-on experience at my golf club. - What advice would you give to fellow members who have not gone through the process of accreditation yet? It has been great to go through back through all my experience and if anyone is looking to review their CV, it’s a good aid to help with that. - What do you hope the professional benefits of being an accredited manager will be? My main goal at the moment is to get into a general manager role at a golf club and my hope is that by having done this process, it will help me when...
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