GCMA Accreditation case study: Paul Lancaster

Introducing your peers who have been recently awarded Accreditation status. Learn more about their backgrounds plus how and why they got involved in the scheme. Paul Lancaster General Manager | Aspley Guise & Woburn Sands GCAccreditation level: Level 2 - What was your motivation for applying for GCMA Accreditation? It provided a different way to gain industry recognition for the knowledge and experiences that I have gained within golf club management, looking at practical experiences and achievements not just what can be learnt and documented in assignment based qualifications. I also think it is an important example to set the rest of the team that we can all keep developing ourselves. - What was the process like from your point of view? What did you learn from it? The reflective nature of the process was enlightening, although summarising knowledge and achievements into so few words was a quite a challenge. Having been working in golf clubs for 17 years, and a further 6 in hotels before that, you forget how many varied experiences you have had and the knowledge that you have gained during that time.  What did I learn? I’ve already done a lot in my career and reflecting on it made me hungry to achieve even more. - How do you approach your personal CPD? Probably not selfishly enough, if I am honest. Continuing my own development is important to me but when time pressures arise the club and the team come first and I’ll take what is left. Peer-to-peer learning and reflection is a key part of my CPD and GCMA regional meetings provide the perfect forum for this - not just the speakers but it's the informal chats with fellow managers that add significant value. Combine that with the support and learning insights we get from our regional WhatsApp group and the core function of GCMA membership - bringing managers together - and that's where the real value lies. - How do you support the CPD of your team? I am in my first year at Aspley Guise & Woburn Sands and we are still building a strong team. The development of individuals is such a personal thing, so getting to know and understand your team as individuals and what they want to achieve is the foundation of being able to support them. This approach allows everyone involved to grow, including myself, which in turn will only benefit the club. - What do you hope to achieve next from a professional perspective in the next year? Have you identified any areas you need to develop? I am part way through the Diploma in Golf Club Management so progressing on that is firmly on my radar in terms of study-based personal development. However, there is so much potential at the club that my professional achievements in the short term will be how the club grows and develops over the coming months. My eyes are always open to development opportunities, and, depending on the next project we embark on...
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