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Applications are now open to become a GCMA Mentor. We go into more detail about the role, what it involves, and how you can give something back... The GCMA cares passionately about the future of golf, with Golf Club Managers at the heart of it. We see ourselves as core to driving this through the support, education, representation and inspiration we provide for Golf Club Managers. As a way to underpin this even further, we are looking to create a small group of Mentors for our members and to support the next generation of Club Managers. We are looking for Mentors who have credibility, enthusiasm for developing and supporting others and are experienced Club managers themselves so that they can provide authentic support and inspiration to their mentees. The purpose of the role is to not only be a leader and role model in the golf industry but to actively want to be part of the future of golf. What would it involve? As a Mentor you will have five mentees over a year for whom you will be able to provide four one-to-one sessions. You will be able to facilitate sessions for the Mentee group and Future Leaders events on topics of interest, industry trends and offer your relevant experience. Your role is not to advise, but to offer a coaching type of relationship in which you enable the Mentee to personally grow and develop. As the proverb goes, you won’t be giving him/her a fish, you will be teaching him/her to fish.  You will challenge and support your mentees in equal measure to be able to personally develop and reach their true potential. What is Mentoring? It is based solely around the personal development of the Mentee It is led by the Mentee’s needs, not the Mentor’s The Mentor coaches by both supporting and challenging their Mentees The Mentor encourages the Mentee to come up with solutions, not just problems and helps them think through the implications of their decisions as well as considering resources required It is a fully confidential relationship and must be conducted with integrity at all times The Mentor shares their experience but does not advise the Mentee What mentoring is not… Mentoring is not ‘an old boys’ club’ where the more experienced tell the less experienced how to do things. It is not about advising the mentee what to do and how to do it – you are not their manager It is not about networking and pulling strings in other places It is not a paid role and there must be no reimbursement of any sort between Mentor and Mentee It is not accredited coaching although a coaching style will be used It is not counselling As a Mentor, what do you receive? You will have three full days of training based on coaching models that will include practice sessions and feedback The role of Mentor. What you are and aren’t. Understanding individuals and their learning requirements Setting up the Mentor relationship...
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