GCMA Mentor: Changing the face of the industry

GCMA Mentor will bring together the industry’s best to help develop and progress careers. Progrezo director, Biddy Lloyd Jones, explains more...  Are you passionate about leadership, coaching and development? GCMA Mentor could be for you. The scheme, launched by chief executive Tom Brooke last month, will draw on the best in our industry to nurture the next generation of industry professionals and the Association is hugely excited about its impact.  Business and people consultancy firm Progrezo will support the selection and training of Mentors and we asked director Biddy Lloyd Jones to go into more detail about the scheme and explain the importance of mentoring... How did you get involved with the GCMA Mentor programme and what will be your role in it? Progrezo is a ‘niche’ people consultancy, focussing primarily on leadership coaching for individuals and teams, specialising in attitude, behaviour and culture.  We were introduced to the golf industry when we worked with CMM, originally to support their efforts to understand personal development, attitude and behaviour in their candidates.   They recognised that with all the skills and experience in the world, without the right attitude, these are of little use. They introduced Insights Discovery profiling into their interview process, which is used for most short-listed applicants so that the club understands not only how to get the best from their new hire but also how they will gel with the team, the members and the culture of the Club. Through CMM, we were introduced to great golf clubs large and small and to the GCMA. Some of the challenges I noticed for golf club managers when I became involved some years back was the need for them to not only be technically sound and operationally intelligent, but also to have the ability to manage an enormous amount of stakeholders and build strong and long term relationships with them.  Members are not customers or even clients – they are a step closer than that, sometimes owners, sometimes both your boss and your customer, and need to be heard, nurtured and satisfied – and they all want different things!  Quite a challenge and, on top of that, the golf club manager often has a lot of responsibility but not much authority AND their boss changes every couple of years.  That’s tough and I think they do an admirable job! Our role will be to support the selection and training of the Mentors. We will be a part of the interview board and we will run the three day training for all Mentors.   How will the programme work? We envisage that six Mentors will be created each year and each of them will have five Mentees.  The Mentees will have a series of 1-2-1 sessions with their Mentor as well as group facilitated sessions with other Mentees to learn from each other and share their experiences.  The Mentors will use a coaching style for the individual sessions and will facilitate the group sessions as well. The GCMA will speak to...
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