A fresh vision for 2022: GCMA CEO launches new member initiatives

GCMA Chief Executive Tom Brooke used his Conference address to announce a raft of new member developments for 2022…

A trio of exciting professional and personal wellbeing initiatives will be introduced for GCMA members over the coming year, Chief Executive Tom Brooke has revealed.

In his keynote speech at Conference, he looked ahead to an exciting next 12 months for the Association and the launch of Regional and National Education Events, a Leadership Development Programme, and GCMA CPD Accreditation.

Reinforcing his vision for the GCMA, which has seen the introduction of a host of member benefits over his first year at HQ, Tom said: “This has been as a result of listening to your voice, listening to what you had to say, and what you’d like to see from your GCMA membership.

“Firstly, as we get back into in-person events, there has been a real call for more regional and national education events to sit alongside regional meetings as an additional service offering – so we’re not just waiting for Conference every year to deliver these sorts of experiences.

“We will be running education events more regularly for you, in smaller working groups, and keep education and professional development current, relevant, and regular for you as our members.”

On the new Leadership Development Programme, he continued: “It’s going to be an absolutely fantastic experience and an industry leading, top quality, programme to really support your development.

“We’re working with a leading leadership personal development consultancy – Progrezo – on that programme and we’ll have more details ready for you very soon. We’re really excited about this one’

Turning to CPD Accreditation, Tom added: “Probably the most relevant, and hopefully for you the most exciting, is the development in CPD accreditation.

“CPD is something that’s been around for many years within the association, but without any end result or accreditation.

“This is where we will link into the value of a golf club manager, having you recognised as the quality leading golf club management professionals within the UK, and that will be accredited with our new CPD programme.

“So whether that’s attending a webinar, or attending a conference or regional meeting, completing a course, all of that will contribute to CPD and towards your GCMA accreditation.

“There’s still a lot of work to do on that programme but what I can promise you is it will be available in 2022.”

Tom also took the opportunity to stress the need for change and to keep working for a thriving golf industry moving forward following the huge boost in participation arising out of the pandemic.

“There’s also a need for change for us as an Association,” he explained. “We’re starting to work on that now and initiate that change.

“It’s about fresh vision and fresh direction and a team ethos about working together. When I talk about team ethos, that’s our team at HQ, it’s our Board of Directors, it’s our regional managers, GCMA Mentors, it’s our industry partners, it’s our business partners and, most importantly, it’s about supporting you as our members.

“We are one team and we are here for the betterment of the golf industry and for the betterment of you and your wellbeing.

“As an Association, we’ve got some real success stories to celebrate in 2021. We’ve just grown our membership population for the first time in 13 years.

“It’s a great start for us and that is just the start. There’s still a long way to go. We’ve still got a lot of work to do. But it’s time to move forward with confidence and with enthusiasm and shared endeavour for the future.”

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By GCMA Content Team

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