Meet the Accredited Manager: Scott Clark

As well as being a GCMA Mentor, Boyce Hill's general manager Scott Clark is one of the first members to gain GCMA Accreditation status - having recently achieved Level 3 Accredited Manager. Scott discussed his motivation for applying, what he learned from the process, and the platform he used for personal development during the pandemic. What was your motivation for applying for GCMA Accreditation? Why would I not do it?! To be able to enhance your career, your reputation within the industry, your credibility as a manager - it was a no brainer! Qualifications are one thing, and accreditation is another, and, for me, the biggest thing accreditation is giving you is that extra credibility for what you've actually achieved, and recognition of the skillsets you have and the experience you have gained. So, for any GCMA member who qualifies for accreditation, they should be asking themselves, ‘Why wouldn’t I apply?’ What did you learn from the process? It was a great exercise to sit down and download 30 years’ of experience, and it wasn’t until I went through that exercise that I realised exactly the skillsets I’ve developed. It reaffirms what skills you have, and, whilst it is simple to do, it is really thought provoking because it gets you thinking of different experiences. I am, and always have been ambitious, but I think it gets to a point in your career when you have to decide, are you going down a qualification route, or are you going more towards accreditation? GCMA Accreditation was absolutely perfect for me, given 30 years in the industry and at this point in my career probably one or two key qualifications I would choose to pursue. The accreditation allows me to essentially 'back up' my operational experience from a management perspective. Have you identified the next step in your personal development? I will certainly be looking to achieve Master Manager status, once that launches in 2025. One of the things I was initially concerned about was achieving and evidencing the CPD points, and, although once I started the process they began adding up, I think my key aim for the next couple of years will be maintaining my education and continuing to keep in touch with the industry. How do you support your team’s CPD? I am always keen to make sure my team have opportunities to better themselves. Through their appraisals we’ll identify where they want to progress to and how we can support that development, whether that be through things like access to GCMA meetings, Skillgate, training courses, or online activities. I think Skillgate was an excellent initiative from the GCMA, and I don’t think GCMA members quite realise the value of it yet. During lockdown – especially second time around – I was spending days at a time on there on self development, and I think it’s fantastic for the membership. How do you see GCMA Accreditation affecting your career? I was at a regional meeting recently, and [GCMA CEO]...
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