PPL & PRS Update

We recently suggested that a reduction of PPL (Phonographic Performance Ltd) and PRS for Music  (Performing Rights Society) licence fees could be achieved by contacting PRS/PPL and requesting a change of status to a ‘Registered Members Club’. The original update highlighting the initial increases can be found here.

Following the update, PPL have written to say that this information is incorrect and that the club in question, having been invoiced by PPL, have yet to be invoiced by PRS.

Read the letter from PPL in full

PPL say that along with PRS their aim was ‘to create a joint licence that eased the administrative burden for amateur sports clubs…’ and ‘…that the fees were, in the vast majority of cases, lower than the fees charged to commercial organisations.’

However, they also say that ‘…in a very limited number of occasions, where a golf club has a very high number of members (as compared to other amateur sports clubs) that the joint amateur sports clubs tariffs may not be the most cost effective solution for the club.’

PPL go on to say: ‘It is never the intention of PPL or PRS for Music to issue licences with higher fees than those applicable under tariffs for which a licensee is eligible, and we are currently reviewing the most appropriate way to license these clubs going forwards.’

PPL have been asked to clarify how many members is a ‘very high number’ and have responded that: ‘It is difficult to give you an exact figure as the fees also depend on how many events the club have with live music or discos. Based on our current information we believe that it is only clubs with over 650 members where there may potentially be a cost saving from moving to one of our other tariffs. We are currently in the process of analysing our licensing data in detail to confirm this and if we find that this membership figure is incorrect I will notify you.’

PPL are now reviewing the most appropriate way to license clubs in a similar situation and will endeavour to explain the situation to any club who contacts them.


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