Seven book and podcast recommendations from our latest Accredited members

As well as keeping on top of their personal development at work, the latest crop of GCMA Accredited members also ensure they keep their minds active away from the office, through books and podcasts, but what are they perusing?

We recently spoke to a number of the first intake of members to receive GCMA Accreditation to learn about their motivations for going through the process, what advice they would give to other members thinking about pursuing one of the four levels, and how they approach their team’s CPD, as well as their own.

We also asked: ‘Can you recommend any books or podcasts to other GCMA members?’ – here are the responses of seven different managers.

This article is part of GCMA Insights – topical content for golf industry professionals, discussing the things that matter to those who work in golf clubs.

Aaron Harris Gillingham  
Accredited Manager Level 1

I’m currently rereading the Rules of Golf! We get an awful lot of questions, so it’s always good to refresh yourself on the rules especially around the latest updates. 

Adam Grint Gerrards Cross  
Accredited Manager Level 3
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We all know the last three years have been extremely challenging for the for the world, but also in golf industry, and what came out of that for me was, the importance of mental health and wellbeing, and so one of the things I’m reading at the moment is The 4 Pillar Plan by Dr. Rangan Chatterjee. 

 It’s all about mindfulness and wellbeing, but not in the typical way of quick fix diets or exercises and so on. It’s an interesting read, because we have to really look after our mental health. He’s also got a podcast as well, and I’d certainly recommend that to anybody.  

The other thing I’d recommend is the Institute of Leadership and Management podcast – Leadership at the Edge – which features experienced senior leaders and managers, and I have found this really useful as I’m driving into work every morning. 

James Levick St Austell
Accredited Manager Level 2

I have really enjoyed listening to the Golf Club Talk UK podcast. Leighton and Eddie do a great job keeping the podcast engaging with interesting guests and topics within the industry. I also listen to the Diary of a CEO, as Stephen Bartlett has some great guests from a variety of industries, and I like to try to find any information I can use within our industry. 

Mark Allden  Druids Heath 
Accredited Manager Level 3

I recommend reading biographies of people you admire and how they achieved success. 

Melanie Drake Kings Hill GC 
Accredited Manager Level 3
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How to be a complete and utter failure in life, work and everything: 39 ½ steps to lasting underachievement by Steve McDermott.  I’ve had this book for a long time and continue to flick through it from time to time. 

Sleep: the Myths of 8 hours, the Power of Naps, and the New Plan to Recharge Your Body and Mind by Nick Littlehales, who is an elite sports sleep coach.   

Employment law for private members golf clubs: keeping you out of the rough by Carolyne Wahlen. 

Reece Mayberry Caldecott Hall 
Accredited Manager Level 1

One book that comes to mind is How to have impossible conversations, by James Lindsay and Peter Boghossian. It’s a short book, and an easy read, but it is really good, and almost a bible for golf club managers.  

It touches on soft skills, around conversations and arguments and not having to prove a point all the time, regardless of whether you’re right or wrong. 

Even in the opening chapter I was laughing and thinking, ‘that’s me’. The idea about not having to prove a point really struck home, as it’s not a good way to build constructive relationships.  

I quickly realised that, yes, you might be right on paper, but at the end of the day you’re not going to get anywhere with that approach. 

It made me think about the people I’ve seen succeed who, perhaps aren’t that strong operationally, but have fantastic people skills, and it has really helped their personal progress. I don’t believe in just telling people exactly what they want to hear, but I know I can work on marrying my operational skills with personal relationships.   

Susie Waldock Aberdovey
Accredited Manager Level 1
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Book-wise, I am currently reading Quiet by Susan Cain, which is all about the power of the introvert.  I’m a natural introvert, so it’s about learning and understanding more about how that works in a leadership role. 

I’m an avid listener of the High Performance podcast, and the Diary of the CEO.  

Sometimes I’m drawn by a famous interviewee, but I enjoy the diverse mix of people who get interviewed. 

I suppose because I come from an HR background, I’m very much about people and human behaviour, and that’s what I find most interesting. How people have got to where they’ve got to, what challenges they have faced and how they’ve overcome them – that’s what I find inspiring. 

This article is part of GCMA Insights – topical content for golf industry professionals, discussing the things that matter to those who work in golf clubs.

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